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To ensure that you will get many years of pleasure from your jewellery, we ask you to read the care guide carefully below.To prolong the wearability of our products plated with Rhodium.Beware of perfume, hairspray, perspiration, body lotion, salt water and other chemically treated water as these can spoil the top layer of your jewellery and the stones contained therein.  We therefore recommend that you:

●     Put your jewellery on after you have completed your hair and make up.
●    Always remove your rings before washing your hands.
●    Never use abrasive polish or chemical/commercial cleaners on any plated jewellery.
●    Wash your jewellery from time to time with jewellery cleaner (do not leave your jewellery to soak in the cleaner). Rinse thoroughly with clean water prior to drying with a soft cloth.  Pearls and rings should only be wiped with a soft damp cloth.
●    Always store each piece of your jewellery separately in your gift box or jewellery box.  Special care should be given to jewellery that is subjected to high levels of friction.



Rhodium is one of the family members of white gold. Rhodium is generally used as finishing plating on white gold jewellery. Rhodium creates a “bright white” coating over the white gold. Rhodium is used in our products to create a “white gold effect” on our jewellery. Platinum plated jewellery is not as shiny and eye-catching in appearance as Rhodium plated jewellery.Rhodium provides excellent protection from exposure.

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